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Gate Assemblies

Modu-Loc Fence systems include pedestrian and vehicle access gates. Our gates can be placed anywhere in the fence line allowing for effective control. By creating and controlling, easy-to-use access points within a fence line, Modu-Loc Fence systems reduce perimeter breaches caused by trades and exhibitors removing fence panels to gain their own site access and provide the public with visible access points.

  • Personnel gates – installation options with sliding gates, integrated man-door panels and swing gates.
  • Vehicle access – with wheeled bases and hinged gates.
  • User-friendly - single person operation
  • Visible access – integrated hi-vis gate systems that stand out from the fence line
  • Increase security – with controlled access points
  • 5' pedestrian gate
  • 10' swing gate
  • 10' sliding gate
  • 20' double swing gate
  • 20' double sliding gate