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Why Modu-loc?

The Modu-Loc brand is forged in three words; Strong, Dependable and Professional.


It is through the strength and durability of our product that we are able to build confidence that our company can support the weight of the responsibility with which we are entrusted. We do not compromise on the quality of our product, and that is reflected in the strong, positive reputation we have been able to build.


Modu-Loc and its people embody dependability. Efficient, reliable, safe and responsive, the Modu-Loc brand is not about fencing. Rather, it is a reflection of a diligent and unwavering commitment to total support and customer service.


Finally, Modu-Loc prides itself on the professionalism of its people. Our ‘Fence Guys’ are trained professionals, possessing deep expertise in crowd control, fence placement and site security. Furthermore, our attractive, high-quality fencing options will ensure that all of our projects maintain the professional image our customers have come to expect.

Modu-Loc Fence Rental's goal is clear and well-defined: to provide rugged, quality fencing backed by an outstanding team of committed people. Our mission is to keep our customers and their property safe and protected…anytime, anywhere.


Modu-Loc is the industry leader in innovation. We have developed a number of complementary products to work with our fencing systems, including an anchoring system for all ground types, wind braces, gating systems, privacy screening, branded scrim, security locking caps and security clamps.

Fence Guys

Our field team – known as Modu-Loc ‘Fence Guys’ – are industry specialists who are trained to understand the security, accessibility and image requirements of our customers. They are able to expertly assess the complexities and demands of every site, enabling them to provide recommendations for optimum placement, safety and security.